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Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Bv

Jul 02, 2011 · H202 is not the correct treatment for BV. In vaginal fluid, bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis can be suppressed with lactic acid but not hydrogen peroxide. All you have to do is mix equal amounts of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water 3 Popular Bacterial Vaginosis Remedies You Can Start Using Today. In some instances, though, symptoms of BV warrant immediate medical treatment Used as a douche, Hydrogen peroxide has been known to cure Bacterial Vaginosis in a few days by lowering the ph levels inside the vagina. 13. 6. The bad lighting & video quality have me looking kind of crazy LOL, but I just hydrogen peroxide cures bv had to get this info out so I could help others.

Jul 05, 2017 · The vagina also gains immunity against antibiotics. Hydrogen peroxide is a substance that is naturally present inside every healthy vagina. 1 st Method Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide with the same quantity of water. It’s also one of the best natural cures for bacterial vaginosis 1st Method Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide cures bv …. These are basically supplements which contain bacteria to offset the harmful bacteria which causes the infection. Sep 03, 2017 · Hello!